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UWA Profiles and Research Repository Support

Guidance for setting up your UWA Profile and adding publications to your profile and the Repository.

Adding theses

If you have completed a thesis as part of a course that has a research component of 66% or higher, your thesis will be automatically added to the UWA Profiles and Research Repository as part of the final submission process. 

If you have recently submitted your thesis to the Graduate Research School, you should allow 3 - 6 weeks for it to become available in the UWA Profiles and Research Repository. 

Note that the UWA Profiles and Research Repository does not collect non-UWA theses; however, if you wish to include your thesis to your Repository profile, you can manually add it using the 'Non-UWA Thesis' template in the Research Output content type.

Screenshot of the Research Output - Thesis - Non-UWA Thesis option

Thesis embargoes

If your thesis has an embargo that restricts access to the digital copy, your thesis will automatically become available when the embargo expires unless you apply for an embargo extension that the Graduate Research School approves. Please refer to this askUWA FAQ, How do I apply for restricted access or embargo of my final thesis?

If an additional embargo is approved, the UWA Library will extend the embargo on your thesis for the approved period of time. 


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