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UWA Profiles and Research Repository Support

Guidance for setting up your UWA Profile and adding publications to your profile and the Repository.

Adding press and media

You can add both media contributions where you have written the media/press piece yourself, and media coverage where you/your work has been covered by others to your UWA Profile.

Once you have added press/media content, a Press/Media tab will appear in your profile:

Follow these instructions to add your press and media:

  1. Log into the UWA Profiles and Research Repository with your UWA SSO credentials.
  2. Click the green +Add content button.
  3. From the Choose Submission page, select Press/Media from the menu.


  1. Under Description, add the Title of the theme/story
  2. Under Details of Media contribution and Media coverage section, click on the Add media contribution and media coverage button.
  3. If you have written the media/press piece yourself, select Media Contribution. Where you/your work has been covered by others, select Media Coverage:

  1. Provide the details of the media, ensuring that you complete the fields labeled with a red asterisk.
  2. Click Create
  3. To add a link to a related content already in the Repository (e.g. a publication), select the type of content you wish to relate your press/media to under Relations, then begin typing the name of the content. Select the related content from the drop-down menu. Note: if you have just added the related content item, it may not yet be viewable when you search for it. In this instance, save the record and edit it once that content item becomes available.

  1. Click the Save button at the bottom of the screen.

Newsflo media monitoring

Newsflo is a media monitoring service which imports news items related to UWA staff and publications into the UWA Profiles and Research Repository press/media module automatically. Newsflo provides the ability to measure research impact by covering relevant mentions of work across tens of thousands of mass media outlets around the world.

When Newsflo imports a press/media record for your profile it will be hidden from public view and you will receive an automatic notification email. There is no need for you to action this email, as staff in the Library's Research Publications and Data Services team monitor all incoming Newsflo records and will only approve these for public display following a quality assurance and relevance assessment. You can login and disclaim the record yourself if you would like to do so.

You can elect to switch off email notifications for the Newsflo service by following the steps below.

  1. Login to the UWA Profiles and Research Repository with your UWA SSO credentials.
  2. Click on your staff/student number in the top right hand side of the screen.
  3. Click on Email settings
  4. Select Press/Media
  5. Hover over Newsflo content created and a drop down menu will appear in the text on the right. Select Emails are never sent.
  6. Click the blue Save button at the bottom of the window.


If you do not wish to be included in the Newsflo service your profile can be added to an exclusion list. Please email to be added to this list.




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