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UWA Profiles and Research Repository Support

Your publications

UWA researchers should ensure that all of their publications are added to the UWA Profiles and Research Repository. This includes non-UWA affiliated publications, as they may be eligible for external and internal University reporting. Adding all of your publications to the Repository also ensures that your profile paints a comprenehsive picture of you as a researcher.

Recent publications that are indexed by Scopus or Web of Science AND include the ‘University of Western Australia’ in the byline will be automatically imported into the UWA Profiles and Research Repository. The exact time frame will vary, but publications will be imported within the collection year they were published. You will receive an email notifying you when you have been added as an author to that record. See this example:

Publications that have not yet been imported into the Repository, that are missing the University byline, or are not indexed by Scopus or Web of Science can be added at any time throughout the year in one of the following ways:


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