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UWA Profiles and Research Repository Support

Provides guidance and instructions for setting up your UWA Profile and adding publications to your profile and the Repository.

November is UWA Profiles Month

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An annual reminder for UWA Staff and HDR students to update their UWA profile in the Repository and take advantage of the library support services on offer throughout the month.

Maintaining a complete and up-to-date UWA profile increases your visibility and allows industry professionals and external partners to find you. 

How you can successfully use your UWA profile to engage with industry and external partners 

Tips for updating your profile efficiently


UWA Profiles Months Webinar

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UWA Profiles: Raising Your Profile with Industry and external partners

Missed the webinar? You can watch the recording here.

Thursday 23rd November 2:00-230pm via MS Teams. 

Your UWA Profile is an effective platform for showcasing expertise to potential collaborators. Enhance your industry engagement and learn to harness your UWA Profile’s visibility and accessibility to connect with industry and external partners. 

Join us for this session from the University Library and the Office of Industry and Commercial Development and learn how to craft your UWA Profile to promote your experience and capabilities to industry and external partners.


Engage with industry and external partners

Your UWA profile provides a valuable opportunity to promote yourself and your research to industry and external partners whether you are staff or an HDR.

Why outreach to industry and external partners?

  • Create impact and translate your research into practice
  • Diversify funding opportunities and leverage opportunities for government funding
  • Build a track record of funding and project management
  • HDRs can promote activities and achievements toward encouraging internships  

How does your UWA Profile help?

  • Increases visibility and allows industry professionals and other find you
  • Allows UWA Staff from Office of Research and GRS to refer and external industry contacts to you
  • Acts as proof point to demonstrate experience and expertise to potential partners

Tips to appeal to industry through your profile

  1. Understand your audience. Research and understand the industry or group you want to appeal to, their pain points, challenges and goals
  2. Simplify your language. Avoid jargon and use plain language that can be understood by a broad audience
  3. Don't make it too lengthy. Industry professionals prefer concise to-the-point information.
  4. Update regularly. Add new research outputs and engagement activities to demonstrate your ongoing relevance. 
What to include in your UWA Profile to engage with industry and external partners

Craft a concise engaging summary

A concise engaging summary at the start of your profile that captures the essence of your research and its potential impact on industry, what benefits your research produces and problems you solve.

  • Show you are open to collaboration opportunities and invite industry to contact you.

How to add to your biography

Also consider adding an Industrial Relevance section to capture specific points.  


Write your Biography to reflect this. It is the first thing that most will see when they look at your profile.

Clearly state your research interests and areas of expertise.

This helps external partners quickly identify when your research aligns with their needs or interests.

Add research expertise and industry keywords


Include other activities

  • Mention any collaborative projects, partnerships, grants or research.
  • Mention your involvement in industry related events, conference or advisory boards.
  • Highlight your public speaking engagements, especially those to industry audiences.

How add other elements to your profile including engagements and activities, prizes and awards and press and media.

You may also want to:

  • Highlight instances where your research has led to technology transfer, patents or commercialisation opportunity.
  • Highlight the skills and competencies you have developed.
  • Re-organise your content to highlight specific parts of your profile

For more information on how to edit your profile get in contact with the library at or

For more information and guidance on engaging with industry and external partners contact the Office of Industry and Commercial Development at

Tips to improve your profile efficiently

Contact for support

Email our friendly Librarians for further advice or to book an appointment:

UWA Staff:

HDR Students:



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