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EndNote referencing software: Optional: Working with full-text and PDFs

Software that helps automate your referencing. In this guide find out about EndNote, download EndNote (UWA staff and students only) and complete our Endnote Learning Path

In this Learning Path section: 




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Automatic method - Find Full Text function

EndNote can attempt to locate PDFs to attatch to the references in your EndNote Library. EndNote Desktop will search for the full-text PDFs within UWA Library's subscription databases. If we have those PDFs, EndNote will then automatically attach them to their corresponding references in your EndNote Desktop Library. You will need to be connected to the Internet.

Note: The Full Text method only works for journal articles and other sources with a DOI (Digital Object Identifier). You don't need to check which sources have a DOI, EndNote will do this for you. Older sources do not have a DOI. In this case, EndNote Desktop will not automatically find and attach any PDFs -- you will need to manually do so yourself. The Manual Method is covered below. 

  1. Select references you'd like to do a full text search for in your Endnote Library. 
  2. Click on the FIND FULL TEXT icon:



3. Log in with your Pheme password if asked and click Continue for any other screens.

4. A Find Full Text section will open at the bottom of the Groups panel showing the status of the search. The articles, mostly PDFs, will download to your Library. The PDFs are stored in the Library’s data folder.


5. If you are using a style which requires a retrieval statement, complete the NAME OF DATABASE and ACCESS DATE fields. 
The URL field will include the database name or doi as part of the address.


Find Full Text preferences

If you are off campus, the following settings may increase the success rate for finding full text.  
(The Authenticate with field is not usually necessary on campus.)

  1. Select from the EndNote X8 menu, EDIT / PREFERENCES.
  2. Highlight FIND FULL TEXT.
  3. In the OpenURL Path field, type:  
  4. In the Authenticate with field, type:


Manual method - attatching PDFs

If EndNote is not able to locate the full-text file for a reference, you can manually add a PDF to your reference.

  1. Locate the file to you would like to attach to the reference.
  2. Drag the file icon into the EndNote Library and drop it onto the reference record. Alternatively, highlight the reference in EndNote, right-click and select File Attachments/Attach File. Locate the file and click Open. 
  3. Once attached, the PDF file is accessible from the attachment panel:



Annotating a PDF

Once attached to your references, PDF files can be opened up and annotated. Watch this video to see how to annotate your PDFs.


 Learn about a range of ways to import articles into your Endnote library in this final optional learning path: Other Import Methods