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EndNote referencing software: STYLES in EndNote

Software that helps automate your referencing. In this guide find out about EndNote, download EndNote (UWA staff and students only) and complete our EndNote Learning Path

Working with styles

What is a style?

Referencing styles are rules for how to write references; what information to include and in which order to write it in. 

There are six styles in use at UWA and the UWA Library has created style guides for these.  

  •  Each style guide provides guiding principles and examples of in-text and end-text formatting of a range of information sources plus links to further information.   

Which style should I use in EndNote?

EndNote can be used to help automate the formatting of references within your work.  EndNote does this for both in-text citations and the reference list or bibliography.

You need to make sure you select the correct style file in EndNote from the many hundreds they provide.  See the instruction on the “Selecting styles in EndNote” tab.  

Here is a list of the specific EndNote style files you need to select from within the styles selection option within EndNote:

  • AGLC – Australian Guide to Legal Citation Style – 4th Edition

Download this UWA specific style file first, see the instructions link below. 

  • APA - American Psychological Association Style – 7th Edition

The current update is APA7. 

  • Chicago – University of Chicago Footnote Style - 17th Edition

Referencing style note and bibliography (footnote) referencing style

  • IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers style

See the IEEE guide for information about using title abbreviations.

  • MLA - Modern Language Association of America

The current update is MLA8.

  • Vancouver (based on citing medicine) –

Download this UWA specific style file first, see the instructions link below. 

Note: AGLC and Vancouver (based on Citing Medicine), need to be downloaded and placed in the EndNote styles folder before they can be selected. Refer to the EndNote tab on the Guides for both of these styles for instructions on how to download them for use with EndNote: 

To add or change a style in EndNote:

1. Open your EndNote Library and click the small Styles box in the Summary panel of your library.


If you cannot see the Styles box,

go to the bottom of the panel and click on the small chevron  on the right hand side.

2. Navigate to the top of the list and click on the style you wish to use. 

If you can't see the Style you want to used click on Select Another Style..

3. Another  window will open asking you to Choose a Style. Use the QuickSearch box to locate the style you want to use.

Select the desired style from the list and click Choose.

The style is ready to be used.



It may happen that information is missing or entered incorrectly when you import a reference from OneSearch or a database.

It is therefore essential to check that the elements of your references are correctly recorded and complete for EndNote to construct accurate references.

How do I check the accuracy of my references?

Remember that you should always have the Guide for your referencing style at hand to compare the examples from the Guide with the output of the reference in EndNote. Let's say that you have just imported a journal article and that you are using the APA 7th style.

The example from the Guide is displayed as below:


Navigate back to the new reference you have just imported in EndNote. Double click on this reference to see it displayed in the Summary panel:

Summary screen EndNote reference

Compare the data from the Guide with the output in EndNote. You can see that the page numbers of the article are missing (as shown with the red dot). Navigate back to the top of the Right Hand side panel and click on Edit,  enter the page numbers in the Pages box and click Save.


Click Save and return to the Summary panel to view the updated reference:


You can also revise a reference using the functions:

Use of find/move/replace

Find Reference Update

You will still need to cross-reference the citation with the Referencing Guide for the style you are using.

Remember that the best time to correct imported references is when they have just been imported in the Recently Added folder.

See the EndNote tab within our Style Guides for details of types of changes/corrections to look out for in different styles. 

Adding more style files from the EndNote website 

When you download the EndNote software program to your computer it comes with hundreds of output styles. However, it is sometimes necessary to use another style with EndNote, such as the referencing style required by a journal.

A. Download a Style

1. Thousands of style have been available on the EndNote website. The Style finder allows you to search for a style by keyword or the style's name.


However, some publishers prefer to make EndNote styles for their journals available on the journal website, often in the instructions for authors.

In both cases, follow the instructions for downloading a style and copying it into the EndNote software styles folder to make it available for selection when using the EndNote program. 


Installing additional EndNote style files

These instructions will support you to install additional styles not standard within the EndNote program.  

It covers how to download them and add them to the EndNote program style folder so they are available for you to select. 




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