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Referencing style - AGLC4: AGLC4 & EndNote

This Guide provides basic information on formatting references according to the Australian Guide to Legal Citation 4. It also provides information on using AGLC4 with EndNote.

EndNote for Law

EndNote is a powerful software program that helps you organise and format references. UWA students and staff can learn about EndNote and download it for free from the UWA Library EndNote Guide.

Setting up EndNote for AGLC4

The standard EndNote installation doesn't include all the types of References normally used in Law. The Legal Reference Types Table installs common sources of Law into EndNote, so you can reference them. For instance, it includes stock standard sources like books and journal articles. It also includes legal specific sources like, Cases (unreported and reported) Bills, Statutes, Treaties, Gazettes, Parliamentary Debates, to name a few.

Please note that the AGLC4 EndNote style only formats References correctly when the Legal Reference Types Table has been installed.

1. Download the Legal Reference Types:

  1. Right-click on this link: Australian Guide to Legal Citation 4th ed (AGLC4) - Reference Types (Macintosh users should click on the link while holding down the Control key on your keyboard. If this does not seem to work in Safari or Chrome, try using Firefox as a browser).
    • In Firefox or Chrome, select "Save Link As".
    • In Safari select "Download Linked File As".
    • In Internet Explorer, select "Save Target As".
  2. Save the file to your desktop or any other convenient folder with the name: reftypetableaglc4.xml
    • Note that you can save the Legal Reference Types Table anywhere (providing you remember where you saved it!).

2. Install the Legal Reference Types Table in EndNote:

  1. Open EndNote and click on Edit in the menu (on a Mac click on EndNote X9/EndNote 20 instead of Edit) then Preferences then Reference Types.
  2. Click on the Import button in the lower half of window and select the file you just saved.
  3. Click on Open - Apply - OK (on a Mac click on Open - Save).
  4. Close the Edit Preferences window.

The standard EndNote installation does not include AGLC4 style. You can download the style and then place it into the correct folder to be able to use it in EndNote.

Download the AGLC4_UWA_2019 EndNote style


Installing additional EndNote style files

These instructions will support you to install additional styles not standard within the EndNote program.  

It covers how to download them and add them to the EndNote program style folder so they are available for you to select.



To select the referencing style you would like to use in EndNote:

1. Open your EndNote Library and click the small Styles box in the Summary panel which you will find within an individual reference item record in your library.

If you cannot see the Styles box, go to the bottom of the panel

and click on the small chevron  on the right hand side of the style selected.

2. Navigate to the top of the list and click on Select Another Style..


3. Select your new output style "AGLC4_UWA_2019"



UTS AGLC4 and EndNote guide


The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) EndNote for Law: Referencing with EndNote using AGLC 4th edition PDF contains a lot of extra information regarding:

  • Adding pinpoints to references in your footnotes (p.12)
  • Ibid and (n footnote number) - which is really useful for consecutive and non-consecutive subsequent footnotes. (p.12)
  • Organising your bibliography into categories (p.16)
  • Editing your bibliography (p.17)

We recommend that you review these tips in conjunction with the information in this guide.

For more AGLC4 EndNote tips, see the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) EndNote guide.

Making minor edits to your reference types (manually!)

Once you have installed EndNote, the Legal Reference Types Table and the AGLC4 style, you still may need to make some small edits to some of your references. These edits will need to be done manuallyDo not edit References inserted by EndNote in your Word document. You will need to edit the original Reference in your EndNote Library. 

One Reference type that will need to be edited is journal articles. You will be required to make the following edits:

1. Page numbers:

Most journal article References downloaded from online Databases, will list both the start and end page of the article - 495-503. In AGLC4 style, only the start page of the article is required. (see AGLC4 Rule 5.6). You will need to check any journal article References imported into your EndNote Library. If a page range has been imported, you will need to manually edit the Reference in your EndNote Library, to include only the start page. 

2. Publisher information in the Part section:

Some journal articles have a Part number, see AGLC4 Rule 5.8:

If a journal article Reference imported into your library contains the name of the Publisher of the journal - even if the article does not have numbered parts - the Publisher information might appear in the 'Part' field in EndNote. If this happens, you will need to manually edit the Reference in EndNote to remove the Publisher name. 


Top tip: You should check all your References before submitting your assignment!

Using EndNote with AGLC4 to cite a Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) reference

At present there is no reference type template in the AGLC4 EndNote style that will provide a 100% accurate reference for an AI citation. It is therefore advisable that you manually enter any of these reference types in your document alongside the EndNote insertions following the formatting layout in our AGLC4 guide.
Note: Be extremely careful as to not accidently delete any citations inserted by the EndNote.


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