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Referencing style - AGLC4: Reference Formats

This Guide provides basic information on formatting references according to the Australian Guide to Legal Citation 4. It also provides information on using AGLC4 with EndNote.

References by Format

This Library Guide divides references into different formats for ease of use. As we mentioned in the Introduction, we have also included information relating to common mistakes that are made when referencing certain sources. You will find these in the Cases, Legislation, Books etc., and Journal Articles sections. The common mistakes information is located at the bottom of these respective pages. So you will need to scroll down to find the information. 

The overarching principle in referencing is that readers should be able to follow your sources if they are interested in finding out more about a topic and that you should acknowledge other authors whose ideas or information you have used. In each section we have provided you with examples on the manner in which various legal sources can be referenced properly using AGLC4. As noted in the Introduction, if you can't find an example for a source you want to cite, please consult the full AGLC4.  


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