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Referencing style - AGLC4: Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

This Guide provides basic information on formatting references according to the Australian Guide to Legal Citation 4. It also provides information on using AGLC4 with EndNote.

Dictionaries & encyclopedias

Dictionaries and encyclopedias

Material Type

(AGLC Rule)

Footnote Example

Bibliography Example

Dictionary: Print  (includes Legal Dictionaries) 

(Rule 7.6)

1 Macquarie Dictionary (5th ed, 2009) 'debenture' (def 1). 

Macquarie Dictionary (5th ed, 2009) 

Dictionary: Online (includes Legal Dictionaries)  

(Rule 7.6)

Encyclopaedic Australian Legal Dictionary (online at 19 August 2021) 'espionage' (def 1).

Encyclopaedic Australian Legal Dictionary (online at 19 August 2021)

Legal Encyclopaedias: Print 

(Rule 7.7)

1 LexisNexis, Halsbury's Laws of Australia, vol 30 (at 19 August 2021) 275 Media and Communications, '4 Broadcasting Services' [275-290].

LexisNexis, Halsbury's Laws of Australia, vol 30 (at 19 August 2021) 275 Media Communications, '4 Broadcasting Services'

Legal Encyclopaedias: Online

(Rule 7.7)

1 Westlaw AU, The Laws of Australia (online at 19 August 2021) 5 Communications, '6.8 Broadcasting' [6.8.2].  Westlaw AU, The Laws of Australia (online at 19 August 2018) 2 Communications, '6.8 Broadcasting' 


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