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EndNote referencing software: Step 6a: Adding references in Word

Software that helps automate your referencing. In this guide find out about EndNote, download EndNote (UWA staff and students only) and complete our Endnote Learning Path

Step 6: EndNote and Word (CWYW)

In this Learning Path section (14 mins): 




Troubleshooting working with Endnote & Word

If you have trouble working with Endnote and MS Word or can't see the Endnote tab in your version of MS Word get in touch with us for help via our AskUWA contact email.

Footnotes in Word

If you are using a referencing style with Footnotes - such as Chicago - you will need to use the "Insert Footnote" feature within the 'Reference' tab in MS Word.

If you are using Endnote referencing software you can work between the 'Reference' tab and the the 'Endnote' tab in MS word to automate the creation of your superscript numbering, footnotes and reference listing.

View this document for some quick help tips.

The Endnote tab in MS Word

Now that you have added your references into Endnote you are ready to begin working with MS Word to automate the creation of your in-text and end-text reference list in your document. 

EndNote commands are available from the ribbon in Word 2007 and later. An EndNote tab will appear after EndNote is installed.



The REFERENCES tab in Word 2007+ is not connected to the EndNote program. However, you will use the REFERENCING tab if you need to insert footnotes as part of the requirements of a footnotes style like Chicago or AGLC. See Footnotes in Word for further information. 


Finding and adding the reference using Word

Watch this video Find and insert citations from word (5m17s) to learn how to create a Reference List page and insert citations in your document without leaving Word.


Find and insert citations from Word from EndNote Essential Training by David Rivers


Find and Insert a reference from MS Word - Activity

Finding and inserting from Word will allow you to choose how you would like the author & date displayed.  

For these activities open a new Word document and create 4 paragraphs of sample text by typing =rand(4,5) and hitting Enter.  Click on the EndNote tab.

1. Insert your first citation without leaving Word.  Assume that you are adding a citation but that you wish to have the author’s name outside of the brackets as you introduce the paraphrasing of ideas from that author.
eg. Fender and Crowley (2007) reported that ......

2. Position your cursor where required and click on INSERT CITATION and then INSERT CITATION again.


3. Type in a search term (eg an author’s name or date).  Highlight the required citation and click on the pull down menu of the Insert button.

4. Select the INSERT & DISPLAY AS AUTHOR (YEAR)  option.



Inserting multiple citations into your document

  1. Reposition the cursor in the Word document. Search again and select several references for insertion.  Hold down the CTRL key and select all the references you wish to cite. When you INSERT they will then be inserted at the same point of the document.

Add page numbers to a citation

If you quote directly from a source you may need to add a page number to your in-text citation. 

  1. In your document click on the citation you want to edit – it will become highlighted in grey.

  2. Choose Edit & Manage Citation(s) from the EndNote toolbar.


3. In the Pages box add the page number(s) of the citation


4. The page number will then appear at the appropriate point in your reference for your chosen referencing style. 



Note:  follow the referencing style requirements requirements for formatting of the page number

For Vancouver style (based on Citing Medicine)

If you're using Vancouver style, instead of using the Pages field, use the Suffix field. In the Suffix box add the page numbers in the format required for the Vancouver (based on Citing Medicine) style e.g. (p21 or pp3-5. There are no spaces and it will appear as required by the style).



The page number will be added to your citation:


In this Step 6b learn how to - Edit your references within MS Word

Find and Add Reference using Endnote

Watch Insert a citation from EndNote ( 2m18s) for the pros of working directly from your Endnote library into Word. 

Insert a citation from EndNote from EndNote Essential Training by David Rivers


Find and add reference using EndNote - Activity

For these activities open a new Word document and create 4 paragraphs of sample text by typing =rand(4,5) and hitting Enter.  Click on the EndNote tab.

  1. In your Word document place the cursor where you want the citation inserted. Don’t forget to create a space so the in-text citation does not butt up to the text.
  2. Click on Go to EndNote in the EndNote tab and highlight a reference in the library.
  • Click on the Insert Citation icon   to add the highlighted reference into the Word document.  The program will automatically return to Word, insert the citation and create the first reference list entry. As you insert more citations your reference list will reorder automatically, either alphabetically or in number order depending on the style selected