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EndNote referencing software: Optional: Organising references

Software that helps automate your referencing. In this guide find out about EndNote, download EndNote (UWA staff and students only) and complete our Endnote Learning Path

In this Learning Path section: 


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Organising references using Groups

As you build your EndNote library, it is helpful to organise references into groups. Watch this video (4m39s) on how to set up custom groups and group sets. 

Organising References using Labels

You can also organise references by adding labels in the Label field within the reference itself.

1. Open an individual reference in your EndNote Library
2. Scroll down to the LABEL field and enter a word, e.g. ‘research’.



4. Close the reference and save any changes.
5. To search for references with assigned labels, select the SHOW SEARCH PANEL.



6. Select LABEL from the field drop-down menu and type ‘research’ in the free text box. Select SEARCH. Any references with ‘research’ in the LABEL field will now be displayed.



Adding Research Notes

Use the Research notes field to add your own information to references.
1. Display the full record of a selected reference.
2. Scroll down to the Research Notes field.

3. Add information relevant to you – e.g. cut and paste a quote from the reference that you want to use.


â–ºNext optional learning path is focussed on: Adding and annotating full-text PDFs