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EndNote referencing software: Step 6b: Editing references in Word

Software that helps automate your referencing. In this guide find out about EndNote, download EndNote (UWA staff and students only) and complete our Endnote Learning Path

In this Learning Path section (3 mins): 

Troubleshooting working with Endnote & Word

If you have trouble downloading Endnote or can't see the Endnote tab in your version of MS Word get in touch with us for help via our AskUWA contact email.

Editing references in Word

Watch this short video (2:18 min) Edit a citation explaining how to amend a citation in your document. This is especially important to avoid corrupting your document.

Note: Manual editing can corrupt your document, so you MUST use the Edit & Manage Citation(s) to edit your in-text citations, to delete in-text citations (this also removes the entry from the reference list). Likewise, you MUST edit a reference using Edit Library Reference or by opening the reference in your EndNote library. 

Deleting references from Word

If you need to remove a citation entirely, it's very important that you don't do this manually, but through the Edit & and Manage Citations tool in  the EndNote tab in Word.

  1. In Word highlight the in-text citation you wish to edit or delete.

  2. Select EDIT & MANAGE CITATION(S) in the Word EndNote toolbar.



3. In the popup box, click on the EDIT REFERENCE button next to the citation to be changed and select REMOVE CITATION from the pull-down menu.


You've completed all the essential steps for our Endnote Learning Path - see our Optional learning areas to become an expert user. 
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