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EndNote referencing software: Step 4a: Importing OneSearch References

Software that helps automate your referencing. In this guide find out about EndNote, download EndNote (UWA staff and students only) and complete our Endnote Learning Path

In this Learning Path section (6 mins): 


Troubleshooting Endnote Software setup

If you have trouble downloading Endnote or can't see the Endnote tab in your version of MS Word get in touch with us for help; either via our AskUWA contact email.

Importing a single reference from OneSearch

You can export an individual item from OneSearch to your Endnote Desktop library. Remember to check all references, as they often require editing to conform with your chosen referencing style.


  1. On the UWA Library’s home page search for this book title "Medical Ethics" in OneSearch (hint limit to a title search, Books and physical book to easily find it).
  2. Click on the “Endnote/Mendeley” button from the top level of the book record (or click on the title to open the full record and view it in the “Send to” options available.) 
  3. Click on the Download button (leave as Encoding). This will generate a ".ris" file type which includes the reference details for the item. undefined

  4. If using Chrome the file "Primo RIS Export" file will appear in the bottom left corner of the screen, you can also find it in your PC's download folder.

  5. Making sure the Endnote Library you want to import the reference into is open, double click on this file which should open in EndNote Library. You will find it in the "Imported References" folder within your EndNote Library.

NOTE:  Any records you have imported into your Endnote Library should be checked against the requirements of that specific format type within the referencing style you will be using.  Records from OneSearch should be checked in particular to ensure: 

  • Authors and editors have been imported into the correct fields, and possible duplication
  • Corporate authors have the comma added at the end of the organisation name
  • Book and ebook chapters have been identified as such
  • Different edition numbers have been included
  • Correct formatting of retrieval statements such as DOI or website

Importing multiple references from OneSearch

It's also possible to select and send multiple references from OneSearch to your Endnote Library. 

  1. Begin by selecting individual items from your search results or from your "SAVED ITEMS" area in your personal "My Favourites" area.
  2. Once selected go to the ellipses above your search results or next to "My Favourites".  You will find the ENDNOTE/MENDELEY (RIS) option.
  3. Select the Download button to create a Primo_RIS_Export file that will this time include the multiple references selected.
  4. Follow the instructions as per the individual export/import of a OneSearch item.  Remember to check the quality of your references. 

Note:  Your "My Favourites" area is available to you when you log into OneSearch using your PHEME credentials, see Using OneSearch for more information.  

OneSearch select items

Image OneSearch select items

OneSearch Selection Export

Image OneSearch Selection Export

OneSearch My Favourites Select

Image OneSearch My Favourites Select

OneSearch My Favourites Items Select

Image OneSearch My Favourites Items Select

Importing a RIS file from Endnote

If for some reason the PRIMO.RIS file does not automatically open and import your OneSearch derived references - there is this alternative method you can use from within the Endnote software. 

  1. Select the top level FILE menu and then IMPORT and "File".  
  2. Select "Reference Manager (RIS)" as the import option then use the CHOOSE button to import the .RIS file you will find in your downloads folder
  3. The references in the .RIS file will go into the "Imported References" folder.  





Correcting a OneSearch record

It is not possible to guarantee that the export of references from OneSearch will include all of the elements you require to construct your reference, nor that they will be in the correct order.  The data for the records comes from too many different sources for us to control. 

As such, always check the newly imported records from OneSearch against the reference style you will use as suggested in "correcting a reference based on the style"

Some specific things to watch out for, but not limited to: 

  • Incorrect, incomplete or missing source details, such as DOI or incorrect and overly long weblink; 
  • Incomplete author details, picking up the first but not subsequent authors.
  • Need to insert the date you accessed/retrieved the document if required by your style.
  • Inability to construct chapter level book references, need to change the format to book chapter and add additional details.
  • Missing book edition number, required to be added by some styles.

Although exporting references from a search catalogue such as OneSearch will help you to partially construct the references you are ultimately responsible for making sure they are correct.  Always check them against the style and ensure all the required elements are included, updating the fields in Endnote as required to make corrections. 

De Step 4b if you would like to-  Importing References from Databases