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Mendeley referencing software: Introduction

Software that helps with referencing. In this guide learn about Mendeley and download Mendeley.

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Mendeley is referencing software that enables you to create a library of references based on information resources (books, websites etc) you are using in your learning or research.  It can be used with MS Word to automate the creation of your in-text citations and end-text reference list.

You can personalise your Mendeley library by adding tags to references or organising your content into groups. You can also attach article PDFs to your references.

Mendeley requires an online account and is designed to allow accessing your references anywhere with an internet connection and sharing your library of references with other researchers. There are two versions of the Mendeley app.

View our comparison to help you decide the best version for you.

This guide will take you through the core ways in which Mendeley can be used to support your study or research.

Note: Mendeley is not a substitute for knowing how to construct the reference style you are required to use for your courses or publications.

  See UWA Library's Referencing Guide to learn the basic principles.

For download instructions for Mendeley Reference Manager for Windows or Mac or Linux visit:

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Email your questions to our friendly library staff.


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More contact options are available on the Library Contact us page.

Mendeley's compatibility to Mac

New Mendeley app

A new app, Mendeley Reference Manager, is replacing Mendeley Desktop. It is compatible with Mac OS 10.10 (Yosemite) and above.

The Mendeley Desktop version is not compatible with the three most recent Mac operating systems as outlined in this news update. Please note Mendeley Desktop has some features not yet available in the new Mendeley Reference Manager. See our comparison of Mendeley Desktop and Mendeley Reference Manager here.

For more information, go to What browsers and operating systems are supported for Mendeley products? 

You can download the app at:


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