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Mendeley referencing software: Search

Software that helps with referencing. In this guide learn about Mendeley and download Mendeley.

Search Mendeley Desktop

This 3 minute video demonstrates searching in Mendeley Desktop. Please note information in the second half of the video about searching Mendeley online is not current, please see the Search Mendeley Online section of this guide for current screenshots.

Filter search in Mendeley Desktop

Once you have a set of references displayed you can filter the results to further refine your search.

Mendeley Desktop. Panel on left 'Filter by authors'


Mendeley allows you to search for references and their attached PDF documents in:

  • Your whole Mendeley library
  • Individual Mendeley folders
  • Your Mendeley groups
  • The whole Mendeley database of all users references online

Search Mendeley Reference Manager

Search your library of references to easily locate specific items.

Search for an author's name, any key word in the reference, or your own tags you have added to the reference.

Seacrh bar

You can filter search results by author or the custom tags you have added to the item.

Mendeley Reference Manager search filters

Search Mendeley online

On the Mendeley website homepage, there is a search feature, allowing you to search the full Mendeley database, with the option to add any articles you locate to your Mendeley library. Welcome to Mendeley. Search for and add articles to your library. Search bar.

Note that search results show the number of citations each paper has received (as indexed by Scopus database) and the number of 'Readers' on Mendeley, that is, the number of people who have saved the article into their Mendeley library.

Mendeley search results for 'gravity'. Number citations and readers listed for each result


Click on an item in your search results to see the options to save it into your Mendeley library.

One search result selected. Item details panel open. '+ Add to library' button.


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