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Mendeley referencing software: Journal Title Abbreviations

Software that helps with referencing. In this guide learn about Mendeley and download Mendeley.

Journal Title Abbreviation Lists

For styles requiring journal titles to be abbreviated (eg. Vancouver and Microbiology), you can import an abbreviation list file into your Mendeley library that will map full journal titles and abbreviations. Click on the links below and then choose "save as" to save the files on your computer as .txt. files. Please see further instructions below for adding the abbreviation lists to your Mendeley library. If you need assistance with this please contact a Librarian in your Subject Library.

Mendeley abbreviation files must be text files in the format:

journal name <tab character> abbreviation

with each journal title on a new line

Adding Journal Abbreviations to Mendeley

1. Download one of the lists above or a list from another source

2. Copy the list into the folder

Windows PC         C:\Program Files\Mendeley Desktop\publicationAbbreviations

Mac                           Applications/Mendeley Desktop/Contents/Resources/publicationAbbreviations

3. The new abbreviation list will appear when you next open Mendeley Desktop

Selecting Journal Abbreviations in Mendeley

Journal title abbreviation lists are used to maintain the consistency and accuracy of  journal titles in a Mendeley library.   Abbreviated titles are often  required for styles such as Vancouver.

Rockwood K, Graham JE, Fay S. Goal setting and attainment in Alzheimer's disease patients treated with donepezil. J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry [Internet]. 2002 [cited 2009 Mar 7];73(5):500-7. Available from: Journals@Ovid full text.   

The full title is Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry

Mendeley contains a default which contains standard journal title abbreviations.  Additional lists can be be added to Mendeley when required. Another source of journal title abbreviations are databases which include standard journal title abbreviations in their citations.

Note: The list that Mendeley provides for medical title abbreviations does not meet the needs of UWA staff and students.  The University of Queensland has amended the medical terms list file and their version should be used in preference to that supplied with Mendeley.

Selecting a Journal Title Abbreviations List
1. Click on View>Citation Style>Journal Abbreviations....

 Mendeley Open Journal Abbreviations List

2. Select the required abbreviation list from the pull down list.

Mendeley Select Abbreviation List