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Mendeley referencing software: Sharing & Collaborating

Software that helps with referencing. In this guide learn about Mendeley and download Mendeley.

What are Groups

Using Groups

How Many Groups Can I Have

UWA currently has Mendeley Institutional Edition, which provides additional features over those provided by the free version. The Institutional Edition provides users with unlimited private groups of up to 100 collaborators, instead of 5 private groups of up to 25 collaborators with a free account. Use your email address for your Mendeley account to access the Institutional Edition.

In Private Groups documents can be shared among all members, even those outside the institution of the host (ie non-UWA users can access subscription-only documents from UWA).

Note that access to PDFs downloaded from Library databases is generally restricted to UWA staff and students, depending on the database licence terms. PDFs downloaded from UWA Library databases should be deleted from your Library when you leave UWA. It is recommended that you do not share any copyright-protected file attachments if sharing in a private group; however, if you do need to share file attachments, ensure you are only sharing then with other UWA staff or students for their personal research purposes.