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Referencing style - APA 7th: EndNote

A guide to using the APA 7th edition referencing system for in-text citations and reference lists.

This section provides information about the specific setup requirements for creating APA style references within EndNote. 


EndNote is a program/application which helps you with referencing. It enables you to create a library of the references/sources you are using in your learning or research. EndNote can be used with Word to help create your in-text citations and end reference list.

The University Library EndNote guide includes information on downloading references from UWA databases, reference styles and links to valuable information sources.

The EndNote style which best supports the APA 7th edition is titled APA 7th - American Psychological Association 7th Edition

  • This style comes as part of EndNote 20, if using EndNote X9 or earlier you will need to download the style.

  • Download the style from the EndNote Output Styles page (please ensure that you choose the style entitled APA 7th

  • Ensure you follow the 'Installing a style' instructions in the EndNote guide. 

When using EndNote you will still need to have an understanding of the essential elements to be included in an APA reference as well, as its format, especially if you have to manually enter references into your EndNote library.

Note that EndNote does not support the rule for 20 or more authors, where the rule is to list the first 19, followed by , ... <last author>. You will need to manually edit your reference for it to display correctly. This is easiest done by converting your document to plain text and manually correcting it. 


Clarification for using the Web Page reference type, retrieval dates, contributor roles, records from Web of Science, computer software, mobile apps, apparatus and equipment, as well as audio, are explained on this Clarivate page.


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