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Referencing style - APA 7th: Images, Tables, Figures

A guide to using the APA 7th edition referencing system for in-text citations and reference lists.

On this APA Guide page you will find a general introduction to the requirements for acknowledging or attributing the source of tables, figures and images you use in your work.

Using images, figures and tables in your work

There are particular stylistic and formatting rules for adding images, tables, or figures into your work with clear guidelines for these provided in the APA7 Publication Manual (Chapter 7, p.195-234) and APA7 Style Blog.

If the image, table, or figure has been copied or adapted from another source – and attribution of this source is required - then you will need to acknowledge this by including a copyright attribution statement at the end of the notes you add about your table.

In addition, you will need to include a full end-text reference to the original source from where the image, figure or table was copied or adapted. That is, if it was sourced from a book, journal article, or web page use that source information as the basis of your reference.  Consult our APA format examples

When you refer directly to a table or figure within the text of your work you do not refer to the author and date of the source.  Instead, you use the table or figure number name you have given in your work. 

The distinction between a table and figure:

The APA Style Blog states that: 

  • A  table usually show numerical values and/or textual information arranged in columns
  •  A figure can be a chart, graph, photo, drawing, map, plot or infographic - that is any illustration not in a table
Basic elements of a table -  Link to detailed table & figure examples 

Basic elements of a figure - Link to detailed image examples

Table 1

Give Your Table a Descriptive Title.

Figure 1

Give your figure a Descriptive Title

Add your table underneath this title, taking note of the APA recommendations for setting up headings and columns within your tables. Add your figure taking note of the APA recommendations for setting up charts and diagrams in particular.

Note:  Add in a note which describes to the reader what this table is about.   

If the table has been copied or adapted from another source place your copyright acknowledgment here.  

Note:  If required add in a note to describe to your reader what this figure is about.   

If the figure has been copied or adapted from another source and has a copyright requirement place your acknowledgment here. 

Link to Table and Figure Examples here.  Link to use of Images as Figures Examples here. 

Note:  Number your tables and figures consecutively as you add them to your work. 



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