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APA 7th referencing style: Web sources

A guide to using the APA 7th edition referencing system for in-text citations and reference lists.

APA Examples: Web sources



See our APA7 Style Guidelines for advice on treatment of single to multiple authors, dates, page numbers and sources within your in-text and end-text references.  

See The APA Style Blog for more audio visual and for web and online sources format for more referencing examples.  

Material Type

In-Text Citation

Reference List & Notes

Wikipedia (no author) ("Napoleonic Wars," 2021)

Napoleonic Wars. (2021, July 15). In Wikipedia

Blog post (Salt, 2019)

Salt, A. (2019, May 27). The flower that targets its nectar to the specific needs of its pollinators. Botany One.

Webpage on a website (Clancy & Gubbala, 2020)

Clancy, L. & Gubbala, S. (2021, November 23). What makes life meaningful? Globally, answers sometimes vary by age. Pew Research Center.

When specific authors are named on the webpage, list them as the author in the reference. The name of the overall website should be written in the source element of the reference.

If no individual authors are named, and the website belongs to an organisation, use the organisation name. Do not repeat the organisation name in the source. See APA Style Blog.

Webpage on a government website (Department of Health, 2020)

Department of Health. (2020, July 17). Minimising inappropriate use of restraint in aged care. Australian Government.

Webpage with a retrieval date (Department of the Premier and Cabinet, 2021)

Department of the Premier and Cabinet. (2021, July 16). COVID-19 coronavirus: Latest updates. Government of Western Australia. Retrieved July 19, 2021, from

When contents of a page are designed to change over time but are not archived, include a retrieval date in the reference.


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