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Referencing style - Chicago: Personal Communication

A guide to using the Chicago citation referencing style for footnotes and reference lists.

Personal Communication

 If a book is available in more than one format (i.e. print, ebook), cite the version you consulted.

Material type In-Text (Parenthetical text) Citation Reference List
Email (Pauline Smith, e-mail message to author, December 8, 2014)

*As emails are generally not available to the public, they are not usually listed in the bibliography.  Instead, list the email in the text or in a footnote.

See Chicago Manual of Style, Chapter 14, Section 214.

Interview: by Author (Janet Andrews, in discussion with the author, July 10 2013)

*Unpublished interviews are best cited in text or in notes, though occasionally appear in bibliographies.

See Chicago Manual of Style, Chapter 14, Section 211.

Interview: published

(Felsinger 2008)

"An interview that has been published or broadcast or made available online can usually be treated like an article or other item in a periodical. Interviews consulted online should include a URL or similar identifier."

See Chicago Manual of Style, Chapter 14, Section 213.

Felsinger, Donald E. 2008.  “Turning Energy Uncertainty into Opportunity.”  Interview by Clifford Krauss.  New York Times, May 3, 2008, late edition, sec. C.



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