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MLA referencing style: EndNote

A guide to using the MLA referencing system for in-text citations and reference lists.

About EndNote

EndNote is referencing software that enables you to create a library of references (author, title, etc) from your readings.

EndNote and MLA

The Endnote Style for MLA 9th is still being prepared and not currently available. If you wish to use the MLA style with EndNote, update EndNote to version 20.1 and select the MLA 8th style from the drop down menu on the Summary panel in your library.

EndNote interacts with word processing programs like Word and lets you insert your references into a Word document and automatically format them  in your chosen reference style. You however may sometimes need to amend how the fields are populated in the reference window. The examples below offer some suggestions:

Element Which field to populate in EndNote Work Cited examples
Edition other than first Enter edition information at the beginning of the Publisher field The New Zealand Official Year Book. 12th ed., Government Printer, 1987.
Page numbers Give numbers in full for numbers up to 99. For larger numbers give the last 2 digits unless more are need for clarity. You may need to enter numbers larger than 99 in the Publisher field to display correctly Mann, Jill. "Chaucer and the 'Woman Question'." This Noble Craft: Proceedings of the Tenth Research Symposium of the Dutch and Belgian University Teachers of Old and Middle English and Historical Linguistics, Utrecht, 19-20 January 1989. The New Zealand Official Year Book. 12th ed., Government Printer, 1987, edited by Erik Kooper, Rodopi , 1991, pp. 173-88.
Year If the year does not display according to the Guide, enter it in the Publisher field in the right spot See example above.
Journal articles from a database with a DOI Copy the DOI into the URL field and add the required  information (Database Name [italics], and the prefix")  

To find out more...

Go to the EndNote Guide for more details and to download the UWA licensed software.


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