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Referencing style - MLA: Conference Papers and Presentations

A guide to using the MLA referencing system for in-text citations and reference lists.

Conference Papers and Presentations

Material type In-Text Example Works Cited Example
Conference Proceeding Paper: Print (Mann 178) Mann, Jill. "Chaucer and the 'Woman Question.'" This Noble Craft: Proceedings of the Tenth Research Symposium of the Dutch and Belgian University Teachers of Old and Middle English and Historical Linguistics, Utrecht, 19-20 January 1989, edited by Erik Kooper, Rodopi, 1991, pp. 173-88.
Conference Proceeding Paper: Unpublished (Smith 234) Smith, John. The Matter that makes up Protons and Neutrons, Proc. of 23rd Annual National Science Conference, July 2007, Anaheim Convention Centre, Unpublished conference proceedings, Library of Physics, New York City, 2008.
Oral Presentation (Stein) Stein, Bob. "Reading and Writing in the Digital Era." Discovering Digital Dimensions, Computers and Writing Conferences, 23 May 2003, Union Club Hotel, West Lafayette, IN. Keynote Address.



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