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Referencing style - APA 7th: Books and book chapters

A guide to using the APA 7th edition referencing system for in-text citations and reference lists.

APA examples: Books and book chapters

The way in which authors are formatted for both in-text and end-text references is the same across all formats,  see our Referencing Guidelines for advice on treatment of authors, titles, etc across all formats. 

For examples of up to 20 or more than 20 authors see our journal & newspaper articles formatting examples.  

See The APA Style Blog for more book and textual format referencing examples for notes and more examples. 

Material Type

In-Text Citation

Reference List & Notes

Book: Single author

(Mercier, 2020)

Mercier, H. (2020). Not born yesterday: The science of who we trust and what we believe. Princeton University Press.

Book: 2 authors (McQueen & Knussen, 2006)

McQueen, R. A., & Knussen, C. (2006). An introduction to research methods and statistics in psychology. Pearson Prentice Hall.

Book: 3 or more authors, edited book

(Kaden et al., 2019)

Kaden, T., Jones, S. H., & Catto, R. (Eds.). (2019).
 Science, belief and society: International perspectives on religion, modernity and the public understanding of science (1st ed.). Bristol University Press.

Book: Chapter in an edited book

(Isbell & Lair, 2013)

Isbell, L. M., & Lair, E. C. (2013). Moods, emotions, and evaluations as information. In D. Carlston (Ed.), The Oxford handbook of social cognition (pp. 434–462). Oxford University Press, Incorporated.

In-direct reference from a secondary book source (Miller, 1953 as cited in Argios, 2012)

Agrios, G. (2012). Plant pathology. Elsevier Science.

Note:  You do not require a full citation for Miller (1953) in your end-text reference list. 

See Secondary Sources for further clarification. 


Note:   See also our guideline principles for in-text and end-text reference treatment as it applies across all formats. 


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