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An Introduction to Referencing at UWA: Managing references

A beginners guide to why we reference, managing references, choosing the right style and getting help.

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Managing References from OneSearch

When you are signed in to UWA library's OneSearch, you can 'pin' your search results to easily find them again.Pin symbol from OneSearch

Helpful software

There is software available to save you time with referencing! Download the details of your sources and format them in the correct style with a couple of clicks.

  • EndNote is available on all Library computers and can be downloaded at no cost by UWA students, faculty and staff.
  • The Library EndNote guide offers step-by-step instructions to help you set up and start using Endnote
  • The Library also supports Mendeley, which is available on all Library computers.

Mendeley logo

Exporting References from Databases

Get the details you need to reference a source in a few clicks!  You can export data straight to programs like EndNote from many of the UWA databases, although you will still need to ensure the data is complete and correct.

Set up a free account with a database to save your search and selected search items into a personal folder prior to exporting. 

Other Reference Management Software

Besides EndNote and Mendeley, there are other available online referencing software or applications, such as Zotero.



Managing your references

In order to acknowledge your sources in your work, you need to make sure you have some good systems in place to keep track of your references.

As you search for information to use in your assignment, record the relevant details about your sources so you can reference them correctly.

What details should you record?

Information recorded depends on the reference type but usually includes title, author and publication year.

If the source was found online, there are extra details you need to record, such as the DOI (digital object identifier) or database it was sourced from or the full website address (URL) and access date.

A Digital Object Identifier (DOI) is a unique link for a published digital object such as an article.

A DOI looks like this:

You could consider using referencing management software to help you record and keep track of the citation details you will need to create your references in your work. EndNote and Mendeley are two types of referencing software available to UWA students for free. However, there are many other products available. 

View the Study Smarter help about reading and note taking for more tips on using and keeping track of sources as you go.  


Make sure you're doing all the right things while collecting information for your assignment!

While Searching, did you...

✔ Gather information to reference your sources correctly? (e.g., author's name, title, year)

✔ Summarise the books and articles you found in your own words rather than copying their words into your notes?

✔ Make it clear to yourself in your notes if you did copy a direct quote?

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Congratulations! If you've ticked these off, that means you're working on your assignment in the right way and preventing plagiarism

See StudySmarter's tips and Survival Guides on avoiding plagiarism for more info.


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