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An Introduction to Referencing at UWA: Referencing help

A beginners guide to why we reference, managing references, choosing the right style and getting help.

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Contact a Librarian

Email your questions to our friendly library staff.


HDR Students

UWA Staff

More contact options are available on the Library Contact us page.

Getting help with referencing at UWA


  • Referencing Style Guides - there are a range of guides specifically developed to introduce you to the six main referencing styles used here at UWA. They set out the key features of the style and how to format the in-text citations and reference list.
  • ask UWA - Search for referencing in askUWA or ask a new question.
  • Book a Librarian - Librarians can help you search for information and answer any referencing questions. They can work with you to develop your search techniques and guide you in effectively using library resources. Book a Librarian for a one-to-one online or face-to-face consult.

Online Tutorials:

Revisit the content in these introductory courses and see further links to help resources on these pages. 

  • CARS - (Communication and Research Skills)

All coursework students enrolled at UWA are required to complete ACE and CARS.

Other help

There are lots of people at UWA who can help students with their studies.

Are you...

Struggling with understanding referencing?

Book a Librarian for a one-to-one consult, submit a question to askUWA or just drop into any one of UWA's five libraries to ask a librarian for help.

Having trouble with academic writing, like paraphrasing?

Book an academic skills consultation. Get expert, one-to-one help from UWA Academic Skills Advisers. Book now for a writing and study skills, English language, or maths and stats online consultation.

Having trouble understanding UWA's rules about academic conduct and plagiarism?

Talk to your Faculty's Academic Conduct Adviser, re-read the information from the Academic Conduct Essentials (ACE) unit, or submit a question to AskUWA.

Struggling to manage your time to complete assignments?

Ask your Unit Coordinator for an extension on the assignment. Ask ahead of the due date, and they will have more time to discuss the assignment with you and to process an extension. Book now for a writing and study skills, English language, or maths and stats online consultation. And, for your next assignment, use StudySmarter's handy Assignment Calculator to plan ahead of time.

Dealing with having been reported for academic misconduct?

See the Student Guild and Student Assist. They can provide you with support through the process.


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