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An Introduction to Referencing at UWA: FAQ's

A beginners guide to why we reference, managing references, choosing the right style and getting help.



Frequently Asked Referencing Questions

  1. Why do I need to reference?

    Referencing acknowledges the ideas of others in your writing. It allows your readers to verify the sources within your work, and helps to avoid plagiarism. It also demonstrates that you have read relevant background literature and you are able to provide authority for statements you make in your assignments or written work.

  2. What do I need to reference?

    Everything that isn't your own original idea or work. Ideas, facts, creative works of any kind (like music, painting, videos...), data and theories all need to be referenced if they were created or discovered by someone else.

  3. What is a referencing style?

    Referencing styles are the rules you use to decide how you will write out the reference; what information to include, and the order to write it in.

  4. What style do I use?

    Refer to your unit outline or confirm with your Unit Coordinator.

  5. What is an in-text citation?

    The in-text citation appears within the body of your work, and it is a shortened way of acknowledging the source at the point you use it in your writing.

  6. What is a Reference List?

    A reference list provides the full details of sources at the end of your assignment. It may be in alphabetical or numerical order, depending on the citation style you are using.

  7. What is the difference between a reference list and a bibliography?

    The Reference List is a complete list of all the sources actually cited in your text. A bibliography is a list of books or other types of references that you have read but that you do not specifically cite in your text.

  8. Where do I find the UWA referencing Guides?

    The referencing guides are available under the 'Library Guides' link on UWA Library home page.

  9. What is a DOI?

    A Digital Object Identifier (DOI) is a unique link for a published digital object such as an article. A DOI looks like this

  10. Acknowledging the use of ChatGPT or other AI in your assignments or publications?

    If you have or plan to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools, including Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT, ensure that you check your Unit Outline or relevant journal policies about use and acknowledgement.  For more information view the How to Publish and Disseminate Research guide.


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