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Qualtrics: FAQs

A guide for UWA staff and students using Qualtrics.

How do I save and backup my survey and response data?

While Qualtrics data is backed up on their server, it is highly recommended that research teams conduct their own backups of projects and response data at certain points throughout the project.

All backups should be stored in secure storage supported and recommended by UWA. Please see the Storage and Retention page of the UWA Research Data Management Toolkit for more information. 

Can I share a survey with a non-UWA collaborator?

Yes, Qualtrics surveys can be shared with non-UWA collaborators. Please see the Collaborating on Projects Qualtrics support page for more information.

How do I reference Qualtrics in my research?

Qualtrics Inc. provides general citation guidelines in APA format on their Blog. See Citing Qualtrics in Academic Research.

The provided General Citation Guidelines follow this format:

  • Company Name: Qualtrics
  • Development Company: Qualtrics
  • First Release: 2005
  • Copyright year: Current year
  • Location: Provo, Utah, USA
  • Version: Current month(s) and year(s) of use
  • Available at:

Note: Qualtrics is a rolling release, cloud-based software solution, which means there are frequent updates to applications in software development. If you want the current Qualtrics version, choose the current month and year you are using. For example, "January 2023."

Does UWA have access to the Qualtrics API?

The Qualtrics API can be used to automate repetitive processes inside of Qualtrics or to pass information in and out of Qualtrics. See the Qualtrics Support page on API Integration for more information.

All UWA staff have access to Qualtrics' Application Program Interface (API) functionality. If you are a staff member and cannot access the feature or you are a student please contact the UWA Qualtrics Brand Administrators.

Can I use Qualtrics offline?

Qualtrics Offline Surveys is a downloadable application available for iOS and Android that allows you to administer surveys on your mobile device without an internet connection. Responses can be collected in the field on your mobile device and then uploaded back into Qualtrics as soon as you have an internet connection.

The app is available for iPad, iPhone and Android tablets and smartphones.

Visit Setting up the Offline App for further information.

Can ownership of a Qualtrics survey be transferred to me/someone else?

Qualtrics survey ownership can be transferred by contacting the UWA Qualtrics Brand Administrators.

If you wish to have ownership of a survey transferred to your account please provide clear proof of your attachment to the project and (if the owner is still currently affiliated with UWA) proof of the current owner's permission for the transfer of ownership. 

When submitting a request for survey ownership transfer please include your reason for the request, the full name of the survey owner and the survey title.


I can't find a UWA user in Qualtrics

If a user has never logged into their UWA Qualtrics account they may not appear in the Qualtrics address book. Ask the user to login to the their UWA Qualtrics account and then try again to locate them in the address book. 

When entering their name into the search bar a user's account may not appear immediately - give the system 5-10 seconds to find the user.

Can I import data into my Qualtrics survey?

You can use the Import Data option in the Data & Analysis module to combine responses from two identical surveys, re-upload edited data, or bring in  your own data. 

Fore more information see the Qualtrics Import Responses help page. If you encounter any issues with permissions contact the UWA Qualtrics Brand Administrators.

How do I link surveys to distinguish between pre-test and post-test respondents whilst maintaining anonymity?

Qualtrics assigns a unique ID to each response, not the respondent, so the unique ID for two responses submitted by the same respondent will be different. There are two solutions to linking surveys with anonymous responses, depending on the distribution of the survey:

  1. Distribute the survey using the Qualtrics Mailer. Within the contact list attached to the survey simply add a unique ID to each person in the External Data field, which can be recorded using Embedded Data in both surveys. Then select 'Anonymise Responses' found in the survey options menu to disassociate the email addresses from each response.
  2. If the anonymous survey link is preferred, the only option is to have the respondent pick a unique ID and enter it in as a text-entry question for each survey that is being linked together.

For more information see the Qualtrics Support page Assigning Randomised IDs to Respondents


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