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Qualtrics: Support

A guide for UWA staff and students using Qualtrics.

UWA Brand Administrators

UWA Qualtrics Brand Administrators provide basic administration functions for Qualtrics users at UWA including:

  • Accessing Qualtrics
  • Adjusting account permissions/limits
  • Transferring survey ownership
  • Increasing survey or question limits
  • Creation of centralised user groups to collaborate on surveys
  • Providing access to additional features/permissions covered under the current UWA subscription
  • Recovering deleted content*

UWA Brand Administrators are not experts in the use of Qualtrics or survey design. 

*Please note: it is not always possible to restore deleted content, but there are some options available that can be tried depending on the type of content that was deleted and what changes have been made since the deletion.

Contact UWA Qualtrics Brand Administrators:

UWA staff:

HDR students:

Coursework students: Submit your question via AskUWA

Advanced queries and technical problems

Advanced queries and technical problems should be lodged directly with the Qualtrics Support Team who provide a timely and helpful service to Qualtrics users:

  1. Login to the UWA Qualtrics portal at with your UWA single-sign on (SSO) credentials - you may be logged in automatically.
  2. Click on the ? (question mark) icon in the top right-hand corner of the Qualtrics page
  3. You will see an XM support menu pop up on the right-hand side of the page. Click on the Contact Support link at the bottom of that menu.

  4. A new window will open which will confirm you Qualtrics account number, in the form of staffnumber#uwa (or studentnumber#uwa). Click on the section below this which says University of Western Australia.

  5. Click on the Get technical support icon.

  6. Select the Survey Platform option

  7. Scroll down and select your preferred contact method

  8. Complete the form and wait for a response from Qualtrics support, responses are usually received within 24 hours and are often much faster.


Research Data Management

For more information about managing your research data and data governance please consult UWA's Research Data Management Toolkit.

Qualtrics Training and Support Pages

Qualtrics provide an extensive range of detailed support information and training tools which provide the answers to many questions you may have about using Qualtrics. 


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