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Legislation: Keep up-to-date

This Guide provides information on how to find Acts, Delegated Legislation, Bills, Parliamentary documents and extrinsic materials for Australian jurisdictions. It also provides information on how to keep up to date with Legislation.

Legislative changes Western Australia

West Australian Legislation Website: 

Alerts for individual Acts or Regulations:

To receive alerts for Acts, Regulations etc, you can set up RSS feed subscriptions from the Western Australian Legislation website. You can subscribe to various feeds - please see this Notification Feeds link for a list. Each RSS feed will inform you of any changes to legislation. You can link to the feeds using various methods. For assistance in linking to the feeds, please consult the instructions in this Guide

Legislative changes Commonweatlh

  • Lawlex - Premium Research & Alerts (all Australian jurisdictions)

Lawlex tracks Legislation for all Australian States and Territories and publishes summaries of proposed and new developments within 24 hours of being notified of the change.

You can create your own profile in the My Alerts section on the Lawlex homepage. 

You can register for My Account to set up alerts for particular acts and areas of Legislation. 

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