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EndNote referencing software: Add References

Software that helps automate your referencing. In this guide find out about EndNote, download EndNote (UWA staff and students only) and complete our Endnote Learning Path

Adding References to EndNote

References and PDFs can be added to either your

References can also be synched between desktop and online EndNote libraries.

Note: When attaching PDF copies of journal articles or other published material to references in your EndNote library, be mindful of the following copyright considerations:

  • Under the copyright Fair Dealing exceptions, generally only one article per journal issue or 10% of a book can be copied. For more information on the Fair Dealing copyright exceptions, see the University Library copyright website.
  • Access to PDFs downloaded from Library databases is generally restricted to UWA staff and students, depending on the database licence terms. PDFs downloaded from UWA Library databases should be deleted from your Data folders when you leave UWA.

Adding References to EndNote Desktop


There are four ways of adding references to your EndNote Library through the Desktop

  1. Import records from databases or catalogues, eg.


Note!  The examples below use the FireFox browser.  Other browsers may vary in the way in which they open the downloaded references to add them into your EndNote Library.

Adding References to EndNote Online


There are three ways of adding references to your EndNote Online Library

  1. Import records from databases or catalogues.  Click on examples below.


Synchronising EndNote Desktop and EndNote Online

Setting up an EndNote Online Library and Synchronising this with your EndNote Desktop Library:

  • Backs up your precious data in the cloud
  • Makes your Library available on any computer connected to the Internet, even if it does not have EndNote Desktop installed
  • Allows you to share Libraries with other EndNote users

You will need to set up Synchronisation details in EndNote Desktop Preferences.

Only one EndNote Desktop Library can be synchronised with your EndNote Online Library at a time.  Synchronisation can be used to combine multiple EndNote Desktop Libraries.  The combined set of references will be in the last library synchronised.  Libraries can be synchronized at any time by clicking on the Sync button on the EndNote Desktop toolbar.

You can control how your EndNote libraries are synchronized by going to the Edit menu in your EndNote Desktop Library and clicking on Preferences.

Click on Sync in the Preferences dialog box and complete the form:

Note! If you have not already set up an EndNote Online Library you can click on the Enable Sync button and set up an EndNote Online Library.


For more information see the EndNote page Library Sharing.