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Legislation: 7. Legislation judicially considered

Find out about acts, delegated legislation, bills, parliamentary documents and extrinsic materials for Australian jurisdictions

Legislation judicially considered

Use Casebase and FirstPoint case citators to find Australian cases that consider a particular statute or provision in a statute

Example: Finding Australian cases that have considered the Criminal Code Act Compilation Act 1913 (WA) s. 27‚Äč 

LawNow Plus Legislation Citator - Lexis Advance

LawNow Legislation in Lexis Advance offers links to information in CaseBase and Halsbury's Laws of Australia. You can link directly from a legislative provision to cases considering that provision.

NOTE: Please keep in mind the relative age of the case in relation to the legislative provision. The current provision may have been amended since it was considered by the case/s.

To locate references you can use LawNow in Lexis Advance for whole acts or specific provisions.

  1. Click on the addition sign situated to the left of the homepage
  2. Click in the blue Jurisdictions link 
  3. Select the Jurisdiction you require from the list that is provided
  4. Select All Acts by Title in the Acts column
  5. Browse alphabetically for the Australian Act you wish to research
  6. Select the relevant Act you are researching
  7. Scroll down to the Section / Provision of interest
  8. Click on the  blue View Legislation Citator link to display cases citing this provision as well as relevant commentary

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