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Referencing style - IEEE: IEEE - EndNote


EndNote is a powerful software program that helps you organise and format references. UWA students and staff can download it for free.

However ultimately you are still responsible for ensuring that EndNote is correctly formatting references. See the UWA EndNote Guide to download the software and find training materials.

Checking and correcting IEEE references in EndNote

For your references to display correctly you may need to update the IEEE style (Depending on your EndNote version). Download the latest version of the IEEE EndNote style at For instructions on how to install a new style into your EndNote library, see the STYLES in EndNote page of the UWA EndNote guide.

There are some small details of the IEEE referencing style that will need to be edited manually when using EndNote. Follow the steps below when checking and correcting your references.

  • Journals in IEEE style ideally have the abbreviated month of publication. That data isn’t generally downloaded into EndNote through automatic exports, and needs to be added in the Date field.

  • When downloading references from databases into EndNote, references often contain a very long URL. This looks messy and wouldn’t give access to non-UWA readers. Ideally, ensure the DOI is entered into the DOI section, and delete the long URL from the reference in EndNote. Note: if the reference is available on the open web, it is correct to include the URL. Deleting the URL only applies to references downloaded from databases.

  • When adding Standards into an EndNote Library, enter standard numbers in the Document Number field.
  • The Access Date field for webpage entries need to be typed with a closed bracket at the end to format correctly. Format as Month abbreviation. day, year). E.g.:

  • Page numbers will not show if added to the page number field in the IEEE EndNote style. In order to add page numbers you need to add the details by editing the citation. Right click on the citation, choose 'Edit Citation(s)' > 'More' and then add the correct syntax (with comma and space before 'p. x' to the Suffix field > click 'OK':

View the output in your Word document to make sure it is formatted correctly -- if not go back to the Suffix field in EndNote and make the corrections there.

Remember not to edit EndNote references by typing directly into Word – this can potentially corrupt your Word document. If any features of a reference need adding or removing, edit the reference within your EndNote Library, then Update Citations in Word.

IEEE Journal Abbreviations

The IEEE publications use abbreviated journal titles. See these detailed instructions to use abbreviated titles in EndNote here. IEEE is primarily used for IEEE-published titles. To see their documentation visit:

IEEE Journals and Abbreviations List

IEEE's Magazine Titles and Abbreviations list

You can also use the CAS Source Index (CASSI) Tool in some instances to generate the appropriate abbreviation for the journal you are referencing if it falls outside the sphere of IEEE publications. Another location to check is Ulrichsweb global serials directory which may list the official abbreviation for the journal title. If you are unable to locate the abbreviated name for a journal title spell out the name of the journal title in full.

This video outlines the process to import a journals term list into an EndNote library. For IEEE the 'Chemical' or 'Physics' lists would be most suitable:

Note: In many cases you will need to edit the journal titles manually.

Using EndNote with IEEE to cite a Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) reference

At present there is no reference type template in the IEEE EndNote style that will provide a 100% accurate reference for an AI citation. You could try 'Computer Program' but the output may not be ideal. It is therefore advisable that you manually enter any of these reference types in your document alongside the EndNote insertions following the formatting layout in our IEEE guide

Note: be extremely careful as to not accidently delete any citations inserted by EndNote. In a numbered style like IEEE it is advisable to convert your document to plain text at the end and insert the AI citations afterwards as to not interrupt the number order in the bibliography.


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