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Law - Legal research guide: Legislation: Law reform

Find out about acts, delegated legislation, bills, parliamentary documents and extrinsic materials for Australian jurisdictions

How to find law reform publications?

  1. This Guide. Use the links in this guide to access Australian and International law reform agencies for common law jurisdictions. Browse for Publications or Search if it's offered
  2. OneSearch The Beasley Law Library holds historical and current reports and papers. You'll find them in the compactus on level 4 of the Beasley Law Library. Keyword search for your topic combined with the jurisdiction and the phrase "law reform". For example
    (jury or juries) and "western australia" and "law reform"
  3. Google  Most law reform agencies publish on the web. Use Google and the same search technique you used when searching OneSearch to see what's available


law reform stus

Image reproduced with permission from Stu's Views: Law & Lawyer Cartoons

Google For law reform

Federal and multijurisdictional sites

Law reform agencies International