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UWA Research Data Hub Support

Guidance for creating a research data management plan (RDMP) and requesting UWA approved data storage.

UWA Research Data Hub



To log in, go to the UWA Research Data Hub.

You will be prompted to sign in with your UWA (for staff) or (HDR students) and your Uni ID.



The UWA Research Data Hub's purpose is to provide research staff and HDR students with assistance to effectively manage their research data throughout the research life cycle by providing a place to record and describe their project and the related research data, access to  UWA approved data storage, the ability to submit the RDMP into other UWA processes relating to HDR research proposals or Human Research Ethics Committee approvals, and central monitoring of metadata relating to the project that will trigger support around  archiving, retention and disposal of the data post project/activity completion.   

The UWA Research Data Hub is where you can; 

  • Create your RDMP 
  • View and edit your completed RDMP 
  • Submit a UWA approved data storage request 
  • Create a dataset record populated with information from the matching fields in your RDMP 
  • Find out how to publish a research dataset.

What is a RDMP

A Research Data Management Plan (RDMP) plays a crucial role in any research project/activity, as it assists in identifying the project's data management requirements and how to plan for them effectively. Planning and implementing good data management is good research practice, and is also required by the UWA Research Integrity Policy, funders of research, publishers and the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct for Research.

Developing a Research Data Management Plan before you commence your research project helps you to consider, document and establish:

  • Metadata standards which will be used for data formats.
  • Classification and sensitivity of your research data.
  • Storage and backup procedures and provisions.
  • Future access to the research data for sharing and/or reuse.
  • Retention and disposal procedures and provisions.
  • Ownership and protection of intellectual property.
  • Documentation describing all of the above.

Your RDMP is a living document that can be edited and updated throughout your project’s lifecycle.


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