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Geospatial Information: Finding Printed Maps

Info on UWA's printed maps, online interactive maps, SLIP etc
The Library's collection of printed maps and maps on CDROM and DVD can be searched using Advanced Search in OneSearch.

Use the drop-down menu to change All items to Maps to restrict the results to just maps:

How the collection is arranged

The print map collection is on the second floor of the Barry J Marshall Library.

Map collection










Maps held in the Map Library are classified using the Library of Congress Classification System.  Other items are classified using the Dewey Decimal Classification used in other Library collections.

Call numbers using the Library of Congress (LC) system look like this:


Map series are classified at the most generic geographical classification (ie each map in the series is not individually classified).

Each geographic area has its own number in the LC system. A rough outline is below:

Class Number Geographic region
G3180-3197 Universe, moon, celestial maps
G3200-3202 Whole world maps
G3240-3272 Whole world climate regions
G3300-5184 North America
G5200-5667 South America
G5700-7342 Europe
G7400-8198 Asia
G8200-8904 Africa
G8950-9084 Australasia

Western Australian maps will generally be in the range of G9020 and G9021, and also found within Australian map series found at G8960.

Maps in the collection may be in one of three locations.  The location is included in the call number.

Location description in OneSearch Location
Map book collection Shelves
Map folded collection Shelves
Map vertical collection Compactus cabinets
Special Collection Maps Special Collections in the Reid Library


Australian map series (topographic and thematic) are available in scales of

  • 1:1,000,000
  • 1:250,000
  • 1:100,000
  • 1:50,000

Each series has only one OneSearch entry.  All sheets in a series are filed together in sheet number order.

To locate an individual sheet it is necessary to identify the sheet number from either the Map Index 1:100,000 & 1:250,000 (includes 1:100,000,000) index or the Map Index 1:50,000 index.

Map Index 1:100,000 & 1:250,000

Find by location
Find by sheet name

Map Index 1:50,000

Find by location
Find by sheet name


For more information on map numbering click here


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