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EndNote referencing software: GET EndNote

Software that helps automate your referencing. In this guide find out about EndNote, download EndNote (UWA staff and students only) and complete our EndNote Learning Path

Getting EndNote

This section will guide you through how you install EndNote V21 on your personal device and how you can access or install EndNote on the UWA staff and student computers. 

Remember:  EndNote Software is provided free for all UWA staff and students, so do not follow any prompts to purchase EndNote.

Ways to get EndNote

Students will find the installation packages for EndNote V21 on the UWA IT Service page.

NB: Once downloaded please do not store your EndNote Library in the Cloud. Store your EndNote library onto your local computer drive (i.e. This PC > OSDisk (C:) > Users > Student or Staff number > Local Data > Endnote).

There are different installation packages for Windows and Mac devices. 

EndNote works together with MS Word to allow you to Cite While you Write.  You will need to have MS Word installed prior to running the EndNote installation and make sure that the Word program is not running at the time. 

If you need to use either AGLC or Vancouver (Citing Medicine) referencing styles you will need to add these post-installation.  View the Styles Tab for further information or see the notes with the installation package.


  • Windows Installer V21.0 (to access this link visit the UWA IT Service page)
  • Mac OSX Installer V21.0 (includes AGLC and Vancouver Styles) (to access this link visit the UWA IT Service page)
  • AGLC and Vancouver Styles can be downloaded from the Library Guide.


  • Ensure that existing users create a back-up of any exiting EndNote Libraries prior to downloading a new version.
    - To Save a Compressed Library backup: (.enlx)
    1. Open your EndNote Library
    2. Go to the File menu >>> Compressed Library
    3. Name the .enlx file (ensure the file name is different) and save it to the location where you store your backups.
  • For Windows. Uninstall any older versions. Then once downloaded right click the zip file and open the "Endnote 21" folder, now double click the .msi file and follow the prompts to install.

If you have downloaded EndNote for Windows:

  • Extract the EndNote files from the downloaded zip folder.
  • Once extracted, open the text file titled EndNote_product_key.txt. This text file contains the product key, and it was unzipped into the same folder/nearby file as the EndNote.exe file.
  • Using your keyboard, copy (Ctrl+C) the product key from the text file.
  • Run EndNote.exe.
  • When prompted to enter the Product Key, paste it (Ctrl V) from the .txt file.
  • For Mac OSX, please uninstall previous versions of Endnote before installing V21. To install double-click the package (.pkg) once downloaded to start the installer.
  • This installer will remove any eisting installation of EndNote 20.x and replace with EndNote 21.

The EndNote 21 version can be found already installed on all student library and lab PC & Macs.

To open EndNote on a student PC

  • Search for EndNote in the “Type here to search” box on the LH bottom of the student PC search.

  • Click the version of EndNote you wish to use

OR if you are bringing an EndNote Library you have been using at home you can open it on a UWA device. 

  • Double click on your Endnote library file to open up the EndNote based on the version you are using. 

 See our Share tab for ways to use your library across multiple devices. 

Note:   If you have a prior version of a EndNote Library and move to EndNote 21 a 'Copy of your library' will be made to make it compatible with V20.  You will need to use this copy of your library going forward. 


You can install EndNote or upgrade to EndNote V21 on your staff PC or Mac without having to place a service desk request.

To install or upgrade to EndNote V21

UWA staff can install copies of EndNote from the Windows Software Centre or MacIntosh Self Service Center for their work PC’s.

  • In the LH bottom "Type here to search box" enter 'software center'
Image Software Center App
  • Select the version of EndNote you wish to install from the available list of software
  • Review the installing EndNote steps which will be similar for both X9 and V20
  • There is no need to uninstall EndNote X9 prior to installing V21.  

Note:  EndNote X9 is still available but no longer listed in your Program shortcuts, go to your Program folder areas if you wish to open X9.  

If you have a prior version of a EndNote Library and move to EndNote 21, a 'Copy of your library' will be made to make it compatible with V21.  You will need to use this copy of your library going forward.

Please note saving an EndNote Library that is currently being developed across a cloud-based storage option like Dropbox or MS OneDrive can lead to file corruption issues. On UWA issued computers, this includes the Documents and Desktop location, which have regular interaction with the UWA Network, where the synchronisation action can corrupt the library. 

IT advises that on UWA issued computers, EndNote libraries should always be saved in the following location: This PC > OSDisk (C:) > Users >  Student or Staff number > Local Data > EndNote

EndNote exists in two versions, EndNote Desktop and EndNote Online. As part of your UWA provided EndNote software license you have two years access to EndNote Online also.   You need to have the desktop version installed before you can setup an online EndNote account. 

EndNote Online can provide a way to back-up your desktop version, however you can only associate one desktop library with your EndNote Online account.  It is also one of the ways you can share a library.   See our Share & Backup tab for more information. 

This guide is focussed on support for the use of the desktop version of Endnote.   We recommend mastering this desktop version first which has more functionality than the online version. 

If you would like to use EndNote Online please visit the Clarivate support materials at this link or review their EndNote Web help site

Read up about compatibility requirements for Windows and MacIntosh and for wordprocessor software:

Moving your library between different versions of EndNote

It is not possible to move back from EndNote version 20 to versions prior to EndNote version X9.3. 

As such If you are currently using versions X9.2 and prior you should first update them to version X9.3. 

You do this by first installing this version onto your device and then opening your EndNote Library in X9.3, and in doing so updating it to this version. 

Having a X9.3 version of your library will allow you to convert back to this version from EndNote 20 should you wish to.  

See this Clarivate FAQ link for further information. 

Note: If you have a prior version of a EndNote Library and move to EndNote 20 a 'Copy of your library' will be made to make it compatible with V20.  You will need to use this copy of your library going forward. 

EndNote software access after leaving UWA
If you leave the University your access to EndNote desktop will cease.  However, you will still be able to use EndNote Online.

There are two versions of EndNote Online: 'premium' and 'basic' .See this comparison chart for details.

You can retain 'premium' level access for up to one year after graduating. When this expires, your EndNote Online account will revert to an EndNote Basic account (the 'basic' version). This means you will have reduced storage capacity and limited access to styles.

To ensure you have 'premium' access for 1 year after graduating, you should either:

Create an EndNote Online account through EndNote desktop

Authenticate your EndNote online account just before you leave.


Useful information:

All students and staff members have access to a 'premium' level EndNote online account for 2 years from the date of creating their account through EndNote desktop.

If the University upgrades its version of EndNote, then EndNote online accounts are reactivated at the next sync (giving you 'premium' level access for 2 years from the upgrade date).

Once logged in to EndNote Online you can check the status of your account through Options > Subscription. You will see two expiration dates, one from the date you created your account and one from the last time you logged in from an authenticated IP address. The latter of the two applies.

Please note: If you sign up to EndNote online using your University email address you will need to change this as this address will become invalid 12 months after graduation. Change the email address you use to login to EndNote online through Options > Email Address.

See also this Guide published by Clarivate Analytics. 


 Except for logos, Canva designs or where otherwise indicated, content in this guide is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International Licence.