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Geospatial Information: NearMap

Info on UWA's printed maps, online interactive maps, SLIP etc


NearMap must first be accessed via OneSearch.

Nearmap requires user to set up an individual account.

Please use this link to set up your account using your UWA email address. Follow the instructions to set up your account.

NearMap is a global leader in the provision of geospatial map technology for business, enterprises and government customers.  It delivers high-resolution aerial imagery direct to your device, within days of capture.  With precise, high-resolution aerial images you can;

  • measure distance and area with precision
  • keep track of change over time
  • map the progress of a construction project
  • observe site and environmental changes
  • measure the effect of weathering
  • track seasonal growth or shadowing.

NearMap is constantly capturing, and providing detailed, accurate, timely data. With coverage extending to 85% of Australia's population, the chances are your location of interest has been captured, stored, and regularly updated. 


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