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UWA Collected: Searching and browsing

A central place to experience UWA's digital collections and archives...


Search and browse

A simple search can be performed from the homepage.  After you have submitted an initial search, you can hone your search using the ‘Search for’ dropdown menu or the ‘Refine Search Terms’ button:

You can reset the search using the ‘Reset’ button to the right of the search box.

A more complex search can be performed via the ‘Search’ icon on the Navigation Panel. With this search you can set filters including format, digitised status, title or full text search and enter date parameters. The ‘Search for’ box also allows you to decide whether you’re performing a word or phrase search.

Any search results obtained can also be further refined using the ‘Filter By’ menu, outlined below.

The search boxes that appear on contributor pages allow you to perform a search within the particular contributor’s collection.

You can ‘Browse All’ Items on a site by clicking the ‘Browse All’ icon on the Navigation Panel, the results can be refined using the filters on the ‘Filter By’ panel on the left:

Filters include:

  • Format / Item Type (Use chevrons (>) to expand the categories and subcategories, click the category label at any level to browse results with the filter applied)
  • Title starts with
  • Has tags or Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Digitised status
  • Date

You can use these functions in combination with each other. Clear filters by clicking the ‘Remove Filter’ link at the top of each section filter or the ‘Remove All Filters’ at the bottom of the Filter panel.


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Select items to view

Once a search or browse has been performed, there will be one or more pages of results. Using the ‘Display as’ menu you can choose to see these results as a list or a grid, sort them, and move between the pages of results.

Where search terms have been found in the full text of an item, select ‘Preview’ to see your search terms highlighted in the document.



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Compare multiple items

You can compare between 2-5 results side by side on a new display page. To do this, select items from a results page by clicking the box at the top of the record:

Once clicked, a tick will appear:

When 2-5 boxes are ticked, select the Compare icon at the top of the results page:

this will open a new page with ticked entries side-by-side for comparison. Using Uncheck / Check All slider at the top of the page also allows you to select and deselect all results in one go: 


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Use links between related items

Links in a record can be used to explore the relationship between related items. Where an item has linked records, there will be blue underlined hyperlinked text in the field.

For instance this record has a number of fields on the lefthand side that link to related records:

For this item it is possible to explore links to contributor information, the collection that the particular item is a part of, more about the person related to the item, and even multiple audio files containing Oral History interview.


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