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UWA Collected: Accessing and understanding

A central place to experience UWA's digital collections and archives...


Understand item records

UWA Collected contains many types of item records.

These include:

  • items with a digital presence on the site
  • records containing metadata about a physical item, and
  • information item types which are records containing details about things like organisations, people and events

In some cases digital items may be attached to an item record but suppressed from public view. Where this is the case you will see this thumbnail:


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Download an item or item information

The download icon is visible whenever you’re on the page for an item record.

Depending on the download settings and item type, you can download items or item information (metadata).

Click on the download icon and a pop-up will display with the download options available for that item. Selected your preferred download type to proceed.

Downloading a group of items can be done after browsing or searching. Once the browsing or searching is completed and the results are displayed, use the Download icon on the page to download the results:

Select whether to download metadata and / or digital items (if available) and click ‘Download’. You will be notified by email (to the address allocated to your login) when a report is available. If metadata is downloaded, you will receive a spreadsheet with each field assigned to a different column. If a field is repeated it may generate multiple columns with a column for each value.


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Understand copyright

Items on UWA Collected are subject to Australian Copyright legislation. Copyright information is displayed in the left-hand panel on all item records. The information also includes a link out to more details about the particular restrictions on the item.


If you think that copyright information has been incorrectly recorded for a particular item, please contact the UWA Collected team. Everything about copyright at UWA can be found here:


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