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Mendeley: Citation Styles

Software that helps with referencing. In this guide learn about Mendeley, sign up to a class and download Mendeley.

What are styles?

Mendeley and Styles

Mendeley calls referencing styles such as APA and Vancouver Citation Styles because this describes the style in which the Mendeley software 'outputs' your references.

What style should you use?

Check with your Faculty, School, supervisor or lecturer if they have a preferred style. For more information on the various styles see the How do I reference with section of the Library's Referencing Guides web page.

Information about the different Reference styles

When you download the Mendeley program to your computer it comes with a small number of the most popular output styles. However these styles may not always output references which match the UWA approved styles detailed in the Library Referencing Guides .

In coordination with UWA Faculties, the Library has created customised UWA styles for highly used referencing styles like APA and Vancouver.

These styles can be downloaded from the table below imported into your Mendeley program..

Importing a Style into Mendeley

  1. Click on View>Citation Style>More Styles....


  2. Click on the Get More Styles tab
  3. Paste the link for the style into the Download Style box and click Download

Mendeley Download Styles



UWA Styles

See the box above for instructions on downloading styles into Mendeley desktop.


Link to add to

Mendeley Desktop

Download .csl file
UWA APA 6th edition APA
UWA Harvard Harvard
UWA Vancouver Vancouver



Other Styles

Mendeley supports over 6,000 different referencing styles.  A complete list of the citation styles available in Mendeley can be found at

Styles are stored as .csl (Citation Style Language) files and can be downloaded from the GitHub repository.

To download a style

  1. Open the GitHub repository of citation styles
  2. Click on the Find file button
  3. Start typing the name of the style you need
  4. Click on the link to the style in the list
  5. Click on the Raw button
  6. Copy the URL for the new page which should be displaying the XML text version of the .csl file
  7. Follow the instructions in Importing a Style into Mendeley above