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Music scores and sound recordings: Music databases tips

Tips for finding music scores and sound recordings.

Music research databases

Music books, journal articles and theses are a good place to discover music repertoire or to identify particular editions and manuscripts for analysis and performance practice. These are also good places to identify particular performers or performances when searching for recordings. 

OneSearch is the best place to start searching for music-related journal articles, book chapters, newspaper articles and videos. Using OneSearch will search across a number of databases at one time.

However, the content in many of our Music-specific subscription databases are not indexed by OneSearch, so any unique content in these databases (articles, book chapters, theses, etc.) will not be discovered in OneSearch.  You will need to search directly within these databases. A core selection of these databases are listed below, with some information on how best to use them.  

Go to the Find databases page to browse through the full list of subject-specific databases.

Think of a database as a collection of online journal articles and resources. 

OneSearch results for online articles, books and videos, etc. provide links that go to databases in which the full text or videos are hosted. 

You can also search directly within a database.

Why search in a database as well as OneSearch?

  • Subject-specific databases can give you more targeted results relevant to your search topic.
  • Many databases have more nuanced search options. 
  • Some databases don't have their resources discoverable in OneSearch. 

Go to the Find databases page to browse through a list of subject-specific databases.

Types of databases

Some databases provide good full-text coverage allowing you to link directly to the full article or book within the database platform. 

Others are indexing databases - they help you to find information through the indexing only of titles and abstracts and will generally link you directly to a "Find It@UWA"  link button to help you to identify where you can get full-text online or print access.

Postgraduate students and staff can place Get It requests for any resources the library doesn’t own or subscribe to.

Core music databases explained

Finding music theses online

Music theses databases on the web (not listed in OneSearch)


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