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Asian and European languages: Find news sources

This guide will help you find resources in specific languages

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To find newspapers in a language of your choice go to Advanced search in OneSearch. In Any field enter 'newspaper'.  Then select a Language and click Search. In the results list, go to the Modify my results panel and select 'Newspapers' under Resource Type to apply this filter to your results and further refine your search criteria:


Current News and Historical Newspapers in Other Languages 

Many of our large current news databases include foreign-language newspapers from around the world.  

  • Current news databases generally include significant archival collections.
  • We also have databases that specialise in historical news sources. 


Want to know more about newspaper and news sources?

Head over to our Newspapers and News Sources Guide.


PressReader provides access to a large selection of global publications, including newspapers and magazines, displaying them in their original format and layout.


Navigate to the Publications section to filter publications by country or language:



PressReader also has a translation feature. Watch this video to learn how to use it:


How to use the translation feature on PressReader by PressReader is licenced under a Standard YouTube License.


Download the PressReader app to view content on you phone or tablet.


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