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Images and videos: Data and statistics

Finding and using visual media in your research and studies

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ABS National Statistical Headlines

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Australian Bureau of Statistics

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) is a national statistical service which collects and makes available statistics and research on many aspects of Australian life, from demographics to industry and trade to social trends. The ABS also conducts the national Census of Population and Housing every 5 years.

Data is available in a number of ways through the ABS website. Search via Statistics or Topics at a Glance to get an overview of the areas below - which are further broken down on the ABS website.

  • Economy
  • Environment and Energy
  • Industry
  • Industry
  • Methods
  • Population/People
  • Research and Methodology
  • Statistical Classifications and Standards

More advanced ABS analysis products such as TableBuilder Basic, TableBuilder Pro and Microdata are discussed below.