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Unit Readings FAQs: Create reading list

Unit Readings is UWA's system for sharing reading lists with students

Create reading list

Find the previous list for my unit

Log In to Unit Readings.

'Lists' is the first page displayed on logging in, showing the lists you have access to.

If you were not the Unit Coordinator last time the unit ran, contact your Faculty Librarians for access to any existing list for your unit.

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Create a new reading list

Log in to Unit Readings with your Pheme details.

Click the New List button on the right hand side.

Name your list with the Unit code and unit name.


Please note, there may be an existing list for your unit. If the readings you would like to use are similar to when the unit has run previously, save time by reusing the existing list. Contact your Faculty Librarians to determine if there is a list and be given access.

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When should I prepare my reading list?

Please allow up to four weeks for Library processing in the lead up to Semester. Lists sent to the Library after this timeframe may not be completed before the start of Semester.

Most items require time for the Library to process them and ensure the item is available. Processing times vary according to factors such as the type of resource requested, whether the Library currently owns or has access to the item, or whether the item is out on loan and needs to be recalled.

Processing times can be longer if items need to be purchased or obtained through Get It


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