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Unit Readings FAQs: Edit reading list

Unit Readings is UWA's system for sharing reading lists with students

Indicate my unit's Essential textbook?

Unit Coordinators must notify the Library of essential textbooks via Unit Readings.

An essential textbook is defined at UWA as:

“An essential textbook forms a core component of the unit, is integrated into the learning, used frequently for the duration of the unit, and linked to assessments”

It is recommended that students purchase essential textbooks for convenience due to the frequency with which they will be required to interact with the content. A limited number of print copies or licenses of e-textbooks will be made available via the Library.

To notify the Library, and your students, of an essential textbook:

1. Add the textbook to your reading list (see FAQs to add from OneSearch or add a new item to be purchased).

2. Click Add tags 

3. Select ‘Essential textbook – students advised to purchase’

4. Click Save

Tag applied, Save button

5. When your list is complete, click Send to notify the Library the list is ready to process.


Items with the Essential textbook tag will appear in your Unit Outline, listed on a webpage for students and be placed in the Library’s High Demand collection.


Note: It is recommended to select essential textbooks that can be made available online by UWA Library. For advice on selecting ebooks, please contact a Librarian.

Other high use books and readings in your list, which you would like the Library to place in the High Demand section, can be tagged High Demand.  It is not necessary to use both tags on one item.

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Place items into High Demand in the Library

Items in the Library's High Demand collection are available for 3hr loans (or overnight if loaned after 4:30pm), giving students more equitable access to high use resources.


If an item in Unit Readings is tagged with High Demand, the Library will:

  • Move it to the High Demand Collection if it is a physical book, DVD or CD
  • Purchase the item in both physical and electronic format (if available) if we don't already own a copy
  • Increase concurrent user access to ebooks (where licensing permits)

Click Add tags to item link

Click on High demand option

Click the Save button

High demand


The High Demand Tag will appear in the record.

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Add an item from OneSearch

Click on the Add items (+) button on the top-right of the list.Add Items +

In the Add Items panel on the right hand side, select OneSearch.

OneSearch button

Enter your search terms and click on the magnifying glass icon.

OneSearch searching panel. Search Library Resources. Enter Search Criteria

Scroll through your results, click on the relevant resource you would like to add to your List.

You can drag and drop this reference straight into a Section in your list


Click on the item in the search result. Additional options will appear under the item.

Choose List 

Use the dropdown to select which Section to add this item to.

Click on the Add button.

Article. List selected. 'Topic Leadership' selected as section.



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Add an ebook

To notify the Library that you require an e-textbook to be purchased, please;

Click Add Items+ to add an itemAdd Items +

In the Add Items panel on the right hand side, click the Create Item button

Create Item

Enter the item details, and select the Type "E-book".

Add item details. Type ebook

When you press Send on your list, the Library will purchase the item for your unit, if available.

Note: Please place textbook orders 6 weeks prior to semester to allow time for orders to be processed.

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Add a website or YouTube video

There are two options to add external web resources to your list:
A. Cite It! bookmarklet and

B. Create a new citation manually


A. Cite It! bookmarklet

Unit Readings provides a Cite It! bookmarklet that once installed to your internet browser allows you to easily save web based resources into your reading lists.

To install Cite it! click on your initials in the top right of Unit Readings. Then click Cite It in the menu.

Unit Readings. Initials in top right. Menu open. Option 'Cite It'


This opens a small pop up with instructions to install Cite It by dragging the Cite It button in the pop up to your browser's Bookmarks.

Drag CiteIt button from Unit Readings up to Bookmarks Toolbar


To add a web resource to your reading list with Cite It:

Open the webpage you would like to add
Click on the Cite it! button added to your browser bookmarks bar
(This will bring up an Add this to my list pop up box)
Use the drop-down menu for the Type field to choose the best type of resource that reflects your resource. (The default type is ‘Other’).
Select the List and the Section within the List to add the item to,
or add into your My Collection area
Select Add & Close


NB:  The citation details can also be further edited once added to the Unit Readings.

Please note:  Cite It! does not work for PDF download pages. 
Cite It! only works for web pages with links to the PDF documents on the page


B.Create a new citation manually

Click on the Add Items ( + ) button on the top-right of the list.Add Items +
In the Search panel to the right of your list, select the Create tab.
Select the relevant type of resource from the Type drop-down menu
Fill in the relevant fields. (Be sure to include the URL in the Source field)
Select the Add to list option, and click on the ADD button

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Add a new item to be purchased

First, search for the item in OneSearch. If it is not already owned by the library:

Click on the Add Items ( + ) button on the top-right of the list.Add Items +

Click the Create Item button

Create Item

Enter the details of the item 

Add Item Details - Title Author Type...


Select a section of your list from the drop-down menu and click Add

List section drop down menu and Add button

When you press Send on your list, the Library will purchase the item for you.


Note: Please place textbook orders 6 weeks prior to semester if possible 

Recommendations for resources such as books or audiovisual material can also be submitted via the Order Details form

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Add a book chapter

To add an eBook chapter to a reading list, first add the eBook then edit the record and change the Type to Book Chapter. It depends on the eBook supplier as to whether the link goes straight to the chapter or to the start of the book and students navigate to the chapter. 

1. Add the ebook to your list by clicking on the Add Item button icon Add Items + See the Add Item from OneSearch or Add a New Item to be Purchased FAQs for detailed instructions.

2. Click on the ellipsis (...) in the top right of the book's item record in your list and select Edit item. The Edit item menu will display to the right of your list.

... menu edit item option 

3. Change the Type field to Book Chapter. Enter the Chapter Title and Author details.

4. When complete, click Save.

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Add a scanned copy of a book chapter or journal article

To request the Library scan (ie digitise) a book chapter or a journal article, first add the item to your reading list.

Items can be added from OneSearch or typed in manually.

Then add the Digitise tag to your item:

Click on Add tags to item link

Click on Digitise option

Click the SAVE button

The Digitise tag will appear in the record.



If adding a book chapter, change the item type to Book Chapter, instead of having the entire book as an item in your list. Under copyright law, 1 chapter or 10% of an item can be digitised and added to Unit Readings.


Or alternatively, add a Library Discussion note to indicate to the Library which pages should be digitised (ie scanned), and a Public note to indicate to students which chapter or excerpt to read.

  1. First add the book to your list.
  2. Click on the record to expand its details.
  3. In the item screen, click Add note in the Public note section.
  4. Enter the chapter details (eg. “Please read: Chapter 2, pp. 125-139), and the click SAVE button
  5. In the right panel of the item screen, click on Library Discussion, and add a note to indicate the section you would like scanned (eg. “Please scan Chapter 2, or “Please scan pp. 125-135”) and click on the COMMENT button.
  6. Click on Add tags to item link
  7. Click on Add tags. (This brings up a list of tag options.)
  8. Click on Digitise option
  9. Click the SAVE button
  10. The Public note and Digitise tag will appear in the record.



Please do not send or attach a scanned document. The Library will create a copy that is accessible and complies with copyright requirements.


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Delete an item

To delete an item on your Unit Reading list, click on the ellipsis on the top right-hand corner of that item. Select 'Delete item' from the drop-down menu

Unit Readings delete item


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