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Keeping Your Research Current: News

A guide to tools and services that help you stay up to date with research in your area.

Following your interests on the Web

Stay up-to-date with what is being published on the web in your subject area. You can subscribe to a service that collects news in a particular subject area, such as  Biology News Net, and use a general web alerting service which searches the web for any articles or other items matching particular keywords that you choose. 

  • Google Alerts A Google search on your search terms is performed at specific intervals and results are emailed to your Gmail address. You can choose to search 'everything' or just specific types of content such as news stories, blogs, videos and so on.‚Äč 
  • Giga Alert  Giga Alert is an automated search and web intelligence solution for monitoring your professional interests online. It tracks the web for your personalized topics and sends you new results by daily email. While it is a paid service, a lengthy free trial enables you to try it out and compare results to those of Google Alerts. 

News Outlets

You can subscribe to updates from traditional news media as well as online news services. Students and staff of UWA can usually access the full text of articles where a 'pay-wall' is in place by using the Factiva database.  

See also, our guide to Newspapers and News Sources.

News services

Online Newspaper Databases - Current News