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Text matching at UWA - Turnitin: Home

This guide introduces the Turnitin text matching tool used at UWA

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Using Turnitin for publications

If you are a UWA staff member/researcher and you would like to check the text of a draft publication prior to submission, you can now do so through the LMS. Simply email to request to be enrolled in to the Research Staff Unit. 

This unit has been configured so that your draft publication will be checked against the Turnitin database, but it won't be added to the database - ensuring the originality of your paper is not compromised. You will be provided with a Turnitin Originality Report after each check, and there is no limit on the number of papers you can check. 

Assessment and text matching at UWA

In line with the University Policy on: Assessment, all text-based assessments which count towards the final grade must be passed through text matching software and submitted through the LMS. This guide introduces the Turnitin text matching tool used at UWA.

Turnitin is available through the Learning Management System (LMS).

Why use text matching tools?

Text matching tools, when used in partnership with other academic integrity resources like STUDYSmarterAcademic Conduct Essentials and Communication and Research Skills, and the University Library referencing guidescan assist you to improve your writing and referencing skills and develop a better ethical awareness of academic integrity. 

UWA Staff can use text matching tools to more effectively assess written work and provide in-context feedback, which can make assessments more engaging and relevant in a teaching and learning context. 

How does text matching work?

Assessments submitted through Turnitin are compared against databases containing millions of journal articles, past student assignments, and websites. When an assessment is submitted through the LMS, an originality report is generated that highlights any text in the assessment that matches other sources. The assessment paper can be added to the database for future submissions to be compared against.

It's important to note that the originality report does not determine if the assessment is correctly referenced. A text match does not necessarily signal plagiarism and a lack of matches does not in itself confirm that no academic misconduct has occurred.‚Äč

For example, a text matching tool may highlight text from the cover page and title, as well as quotations and the bibliography. Although these may be highlighted as text matches, it doesn't mean that they need to be changed. However, if blocks of text are highlighted, and the text doesn't contain any quotations, then this may indicate that the text needs to be re-written to ensure the ideas are expressed in the students' own words. 

Students can seek guidance on how to cite sources from the University Library referencing guides or by stopping by the WriteSmart drop-in sessions for expert advice from librarians and learning advisors on incorporating outside sources into their own work.