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Legal research guide: Secondary sources: Journals / Databases

Learn how to develop an effective search strategy and then use it to locate relevant secondary sources to support your research for law assignments.

You can search for articles in many different places. But don't just rely on Google Scholar and the internet! At UWA you have access to a range of Legal Databases! Keep scrolling to find out where you can go to find articles!


For a full list of Databases go to OneSearch > Databases:

Click here for a list of Law specific databases

Check out the OneSearch Guide for more search tips. 

Below you will find a list of the best databases for finding journal articles in Law.

Please note: Content in some Legal databases is NOT indexed OneSearch!

OneSearch is NOT able to search within these key legal databases:

This means to find certain legal content like cases, journal articles, or other materials within these Databases, you will need to access the Databases directly using OneSearch and then search for the content you need in the respective Database. We have provided links to most of the Law Databases in various Law Guides. You can also search for specific Databases by title in OneSearch. You can also find links to Databases using our Databases page.

Setting up Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search

Activate FindIt@UWA links in Google Scholar to access the UWA full text version of articles.  Once activated, you will see FindIt@UWA links - click these and the online, UWA databases will be searched for you. For more information please have a look at our Google Scholar Guide


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