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Citations, Altmetrics and Researcher Profiles: Getting started

A guide to the key tools for examining research impact, as well as setting up and managing your research profiles.

Getting started

Measuring your research impact

Being able to measure and describe the impact and quality of your academic research is an important process in grant funding, career development applications and other benchmarking comparisons.

Research impact measurement is often described using quantitative methods such as citation countsjournal impact factors and using researcher specific metrics such as the h-index.

Different subject areas will focus on different methods of analysing research engagement. Traditionally, Science and Medical areas rely more heavily on quantitative measures than the Arts and Humanities. The focus on different measures may also change depending on the purpose of the analysis.

This Guide will assist you with gathering metrics in citation analysis, journal rankings and alternative metrics such as social media engagement to help you measure your research impact.

MyRI: Measuring your Research Impact Tutorial

 A collaboration of 4 Irish Universities, MyRI Introduces researchers to citation tools and metrics to track research impact. The tutorial contains three modules:

Module 1: Introduction to bibliometrics

Module 2: Track your research impact

Module 3: Journal ranking and analysis